Building an EcoVillage in Cedar Creek

EcoVillage. A community of people in to productivity and leading fulfilling lives.

Cargo containers. We’re building condos and a bunkhouse out of these nearly impregnable containers built to cross oceans and withstand typhoons and hurricanes.  Security and low cost, energy efficient housing, storage and community spaces will be built out of them.

Abundant water. Our two wells are both rated at 100 gallons per minute and have been tested to  be of the purest, best quality in the region.

Coworking. The land will feature a full on coworking space where you can really focus on building that website or forming that startup, there will be variety of public, private and meeting spaces and a canteen with great coffee and food.

Bunkhouse.  A place to stay overnight or for an extended period.

We’re looking for residents, members, investors, and buyers for our country condos.

This is a holistic living community with coworking, recreation, fitness, and a full range of activities.  Some of the people living here now include a film producer/actress, a world class “fitness in nature” trainer, the worlds most renowned author and expert in “parkour”,  a barrista/musician with his own band, an organic foods special events caterer, a law student, a school counselor, a tree/landscaping expert, a radio tower building team, a photographer/videographer/web designer,  a dancer (nia)/poet and Bastrop’s number one rated massage therapist.

We’re also building an assisted living center for our older brothers and sisters.

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